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  • UFO Robo Grandizer vs. Great Mazinger

    UFO Robo Grandizer vs. Great Mazinger

    Alien invaders take over Great Mazinger who is at the entrance of a museum next to Mazinger Z as symbols of peace. Grendizer fights the evil invaders and Great Mazinger is recovered. When the Vegan empire dispatches a new general to oversee the takeover of Earth, he quickly manages to capture Koji..
  • Ultraman Kids: Haha wo Tazunete 3000-man Kounen (Sub)

    Ultraman Kids: Haha wo Tazunete 3000-man Kounen (Sub)

    Ultraman Kids go on a journey to search for the parents of a main character...
  • Usakame Special

    Usakame Special

    Unaired episode included with the Blu-ray...
  • UFO Princess Valkyrie: Recap (Dub)

    UFO Princess Valkyrie: Recap (Dub)

    A 45-minute recap episode of the first season, narrated by Sanada-san...
  • Uchuu Enban Dai-Sensou

    Uchuu Enban Dai-Sensou

    The pilot movie of Grendizer. It is about Duke Fleed, a fugitive of the planet fleed, who was kicked out of his planet by the Armies of Vega. Fleed and the daughter of the king of Vega were in love before the war between their planets. The armies of Vega continue their fight with Duke Fleed. ..
  • Uchuu Kazoku Carlvinson

    Uchuu Kazoku Carlvinson

    When a motley band of travelling performers have a deep-space collision with another spacecraft, they find that the sole survivor of the other craft is a humanoid infant. They decide to raise the child as their own on the nearest planet as they wait for other members of the girl's race to come and f..
  • Urusei Yatsura Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer (Dub)

    Urusei Yatsura Movie 2: Beautiful Dreamer (Dub)

    Not all is normal in Tomobiki, even by its standards. The students have been preparing feverishly for the first day of the student fair, which is scheduled to go on the next day. However, problems arise when some begin to notice that the next day simply will not come. As the students begin to try to..
  • Ultra Nyan: Hoshizora kara Maiorita Fushigi Neko (Sub)

    Ultra Nyan: Hoshizora kara Maiorita Fushigi Neko (Sub)

    Haruka finds a cat in an abandoned building and names it "Nyan". Little does she know that this cat is actually "Ultra-Nyan" who has come from outer space. Using his mysterious powers, Ultra-Nyan helps Haruka and her friends foil the plans of a couple of no-good catnappers...
  • Umi no Yami, Tsuki no Kage

    Umi no Yami, Tsuki no Kage

    Ruka and Rumi Kobayakawa are twin sisters in love with the same man, athletic upperclassman Katsuyuki Touma. Rumi seems supportive of Ruka's fledgling romance with Katsuyuki, until the twins are infected with a strange bacterium that transforms Rumi's personality and gifts the twins with terrifying ..
  • Urawa no Usagi-chan Special

    Urawa no Usagi-chan Special

    Unaired episode included in Blu-ray and DVD sets...
  • Ultraman Kids: M7.8 Sei no Yukai na Nakama (Sub)
  • Usagi to Kame (Sub)

    Usagi to Kame (Sub)

    A retelling of the classic Aesop Fable, The Tortoise and the Hare...
  • Uchuu Senshi Baldios (Movie)

    Uchuu Senshi Baldios (Movie)

    This film supplied the ending to the cancelled Space Warrior Baldios television series...
  • UFO Senshi Dai Apolon (Dub)

    UFO Senshi Dai Apolon (Dub)

    The story is about 16 years old boy Takeshi who recently formed an American football team at the BlueSky orphanage. One day the game is interuppted by a light in the sky. Takeshi discovers he is the son of the king of the planet Apolon, spirited away to Earth by his father's retainer Rabi to avoid d..
  • Utopa


    Hundreds of years after the 20th century, nature and the ecosystem have been devastated due to use of nuclear and biological weapons. Most of the Earth has been contaminated and is collapsing into ruin, and a great majority of plants and animals are now extinct. The world heads to the "Big Six," the..
  • Ultra Nyan 2: The Great Happy Operation (Sub)

    Ultra Nyan 2: The Great Happy Operation (Sub)

    Ultra-Nyan's adventures continue. This time, he is tasked with finding the cause of the crows' sudden declaration of war upon the cats...
  • Urban Square: Kouhaku no Tsuigeki

    Urban Square: Kouhaku no Tsuigeki

    Ryou Matsumoto is a screenplay writer that runs into a man and witnesses his murder. Unknown to him, he gets caught up in an illegal antique ring along with a girl he meets named Yuki. In order to survive, he ends up acting out the "action hero" role that he writes in his screenplays...
  • Ultra B

    Ultra B

    One night, Michio chases a UFO to see where it lands. He is taken inside it and encounters a mysterious baby, Ultra B. Soon reveals that he has superpowers when he moves in with Michio's family...
  • Unico: Kuroi Kumo Shiroi Hane

    Unico: Kuroi Kumo Shiroi Hane

    The Goddess Venus is jealous of the beautiful human girl Psyche and blames her pet unicorn, Unico, as Psyche's source of good luck that keeps her from the harm of the goddess' cruel intentions. Unico has the amazing power to make anyone he meets happy. Whether it's because of his personality or the ..
  • Umigame to Shounen

    Umigame to Shounen

    The first film in Shin-Ei's series of annual WWII themed anime television movies for children "Sensou Douwa" (war story)...
  • Umi no Triton (1979)

    Umi no Triton (1979)

    This is a re-edition of the TV series...