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  • Korekarasaki, Nando Anata to. (Sub)

    Korekarasaki, Nando Anata to. (Sub)

    Animated music video for mishmash*Aimee Isobe's "Korekarasaki, Nando Anata to."..
  • Kaitei Choutokkyuu: Marine Express

    Kaitei Choutokkyuu: Marine Express

    The year is 2002, and the Marine Express, the first underwater train between America and Japan, is ready for its maiden voyage. The chief engineer suspects that the train's test run will be used for illicit purposes and hires private detective Ban Shunsaku. He arrives to his client's mansion only to..
  • Kakinoki Mokkii

    Kakinoki Mokkii

    A persimmon tree wants to grow more fruit and a crow wants to get over his fear of flying. They end up working together to achieve what the both want...
  • Karakuri Kengou Den Musashi Lord (Sub)

    Karakuri Kengou Den Musashi Lord (Sub)

    It is the time of civil war. Zipangu is a country where people live together with gimmick warriors, a kind of super human robot. There, people and gimmick warriors struggle to seize power. Musashi, a Samurai gimmick warrior, departs to on a quest to become the best Samurai warrior. Musashi thrives i..
  • Keifuku-san


    Incorporating the earlier two parts and adding additional footage as an epilogue, Keifuku-san features the adventures of a young girl in a railway conductor uniform and a floating manta ray as they explore an otherworldly space. The video features direction by Tatsuki, animation by Hirayasu, and art..
  • Kwai Boo

    Kwai Boo

    Kwai Boo is a 2015 Chinese animated science fiction comedy film directed by Yunfei Wang...
  • Kid's Castle

    Kid's Castle

    A short film by Koji Yamamura...
  • Kennosuke-sama


    A comedy about a family of old-fashioned samurai living in modern-day Tokyo whose young son has to head out for an important date...
  • Katte ni Shirokuma

    Katte ni Shirokuma

    A story about an albino brown bear and his woodland friends as they encounter various human artifacts in the woods and interact with them...
  • Karo to Piyobupt: Ame no Hi

    Karo to Piyobupt: Ame no Hi

    A short film by Koji Yamamura...
  • Kagaku Bouken-tai Tansar 5

    Kagaku Bouken-tai Tansar 5

    In 1999, a special mystery/paranormal investigative unit consisting of five youths is formed. The series uses a mix of real tokusatsu footage (vehicle scenes) and animation (character drama)...
  • Kamiwaza Wanda

    Kamiwaza Wanda

    The story is set in a world where every event has been turned into programs, and mysterious monsters known as "Promin" maintain the world. However, many Promin who have turned into bugs known as "Bugmin" are responsible for many of the world's real-life bugs. Left alone, they may eventually turn int..
  • Kipling Jr.

    Kipling Jr.

    A short film by Koji Yamamura...
  • Kangaeru Renshuu

    Kangaeru Renshuu

    The description of Suwami Nogami's minimalistic line drawing piece, Imagination Practice, calls it an unending "thought loop". It depicts an artist sitting in front of a window with a self-portrait, like a miniature mirror image, on the desk in front of him. The window frame and the blue sky filled ..
  • Karo to Piyobupt: Sandwich

    Karo to Piyobupt: Sandwich

    A short film by Koji Yamamura...
  • Karo to Piyobupt: Ouchi

    Karo to Piyobupt: Ouchi

    A short film by Koji Yamamura...
  • Kore ga UFO da! Soratobu Enban

    Kore ga UFO da! Soratobu Enban

    UFOs and aliens from beyond the stars are common themes in media, entertainment, and other forms of science fiction; however, many individuals have sworn they have seen UFOs and have been abducted in real life! Sit back and watch as the makers of Mazinger take you on a journey through the history of..