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  • Eiyu Kaitai

    Eiyu Kaitai

    Uro Yamada works as part of the "Hero Retirement and Return to Everyday Life Assistance Agency," which takes heroes from another world back to Earth and helps them reintegrate into everyday life...
  • Early Reins (Sub)

    Early Reins (Sub)

    Early Reins features six beautiful women on a train en route to Sunshine Hill in the early 1800s. When the train is highjacked by robbers and the soldiers on board are caught unawares, another surprise is in store: these lovely ladies can fight! The heroine emerges as Margarette, a young woman deter..
  • Escha Chron (Sub)

    Escha Chron (Sub)

    The story follows the two titular girls Escha and Chron, whose contrasting personalities are like the sun and moon. The two girls are from Terminal, a future post-apocalyptic world that's empty and monochrome. The two girls cross worlds and arrive in the present day, which they call Transit. As Esch..
  • Eikoku Ikke, Nihon wo Taberu: New Year Special (Dub)
  • Emblem Take 2

    Emblem Take 2

    Shinjuku, 1983. A member of the Kaeda Yakuza gang, Akutsu Jouji, has lost in a brawl with a university cheering squad, and begs for forgiveness through bitter tears. Since then, nothing has gone well in Jouji's life, until 10 years later in 1993, his friend was ordered to kill him, and as he ran awa..
  • Eiga de Toujou! Tamagotchi Dokidoki! Uchuu no Maigotchi!? (Dub)

    Eiga de Toujou! Tamagotchi Dokidoki! Uchuu no Maigotchi!? (Dub)

    See all your Tamagotchi friends in their first feature-length film! On Tamagotchi planet, Mametchi, an illustrious inventor, has just finished his new creation a Forwarding Machine. But on its first trial run, the mischievous Kuchipatchi somehow manages to throw the machine s aim off course, which r..
  • Eiga Daisuki Pompo-san

    Eiga Daisuki Pompo-san

    The manga depicts the craft of movie-making and revolves around Joelle Davidovich "Pompo" Pomponette, a talented movie producer who looks like a girl. Operating out of the movie capital "Nyallywood," Pompo has been shooting one B-grade entertainment flick after another that anyone would enjoy. One ..
  • Estima: Sense of Wonder

    Estima: Sense of Wonder

    Promotional shorts for Toyota's Estima (or Previa) car make...
  • Explorer Woman Ray (Sub)

    Explorer Woman Ray (Sub)

    She's an archeologist AND a black belt and Ray Kazuki will need her brains and her brawn as she plunges into a thrill-filled adventure. Ray's examining an exciting new archeological discovery: a legendary temple located in an isolated area of the world.  As always, she has with her a strange m..
  • Enkinhou no Hako: Hakase no Sagashimono

    Enkinhou no Hako: Hakase no Sagashimono

    Buildings, black crows, a flood of bar codes, clone-looking businessmen, shopping-addicted ladies...these images which probably symbolizes excessive, standardized and overcrowded modern cities are condensed in this animation. Various techniques, like modified photo, drawing animation, 3D object and ..
  • Elf 17

    Elf 17

    Muscat Tyler is the 108th prince of the Galaxy Empire and is known as an eccentric person. He travels around the universe accompanying a Walking Arsenal, K.K, and Lu of the Light Wing Race, the strongest creature in the universe. Wherever they go, there is trouble. (Source: ANN)..
  • Eiyu Kaitai

    Eiyu Kaitai

    The story centers on a boy named Uro Yamada, and a 17-year old girl named Karon. Both work as part of the "Hero Retirement and Return to Everyday Life Assistance Agency," which takes heroes from another world back to Earth and helps them reintegrate into everyday life. Karon, a former hero herself, ..
  • Eun-sil-i


    In-hye and Sun-mi visit their hometown, a small and quiet village in the countryside, after a long time only to face unexpected news: their old friend Eun-sil died while giving birth. The town is left in an uproar because of the baby, whose father is unknown, and it is neglected, protected by no one..
  • Eiyuu Banka Koushi-den

    Eiyuu Banka Koushi-den

    Born in the Chinese state of Lu in 551 B.C., Confucius is raised by his mother after his father dies when he is only three. He marries at 19 and enters the service of the local nobility. At 32, he becomes tutor to the Prince of Lu's children, eventually becoming a politician at 51. His career peaks ..
  • Exper Zenon (Sub)

    Exper Zenon (Sub)

    Tadashi is a high school student and computer-game addict. After a long day spent playing the game Zenon, he is visited in a dream by the heroine, Sartova. In an anime replay of The Last Starfighter, she takes him to the world of Zenon, where the game is played with human lives at stake.  The ..
  • Entotsu-machi no Poupelle (Dub)

    Entotsu-machi no Poupelle (Dub)

    The story is set in a town surrounded by a wall that stands 4,000 meters (about 2.5 miles) tall. Because the town is full of chimneys, the air is always full of smoke. No one in the town knows what the sky looks like. On one night of the town's Halloween festival, a deliveryman accidentally drops th..
  • Etotama: Nyankyaku Banrai

    Etotama: Nyankyaku Banrai

    The seemingly eternal cat-and-mouse battle has ended, and now everyone is living peacefully. One day, an Eto-musume (Zodiac girl) named Na-tan appears, to the puzzlement of the 12 signs, and to the unreserved delight of Nya-tan (whose spirits are always lifted by the pure, straightforward Na-tan). M..